Fully automatic washing machine drum injection mold design and manufacturing

Release time: 2016-07-28 17:22:24

Inner barrel automatic washing machine automatic washing machine is the core part. Depending on requirements, the main design features of the part are as follows:

     (1) Due to the laundry in the washing tub, therefore a mirror surface of the barrel, does not allow hooking nylon stockings glitches.

     (2) in the laundry tub washing and dewatering, high-speed rotation of the barrel in the washing machine of domestic demand, and therefore requires a uniform thickness.

     (3) to enhance the strength of the barrel, the barrel of ribs arranged around 14.

     (4) surrounding the hole 286, for dehydration.

     (5) diameter, depth, and diameter of 416mm, a depth of 385mm.

     According to automatic washing machine drum and other design performance requirements, we need to pay attention to many aspects of injection mold design, manufacturing, mold material selection and heat treatment.

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