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Zhejiang Ningbo Lingan Electromechanical Co., Ltd.(Yuyao Erliushi Instrument Parts Factory )Founded in the 1980s, the original production in the automotive, electrical, precision motorcycle parts, Ningbo City, was one of the first batch of private enterprises, enterprise restructuring in 1994 changed its name to Erliushi Instrument Parts Factory Yuyao City, also Washer clutch while starting the development of precision plastic parts, continue to cooperate with Chinese biggest manufacturer of clutches, indirectly supporting the Haier, Samsung, Whirlpool, Rongshida washing machines, almost all major domestic and foreign manufacturers.
The company currently produces equipment for the domestic precision injection molding machine all the highest machine and peers in the industry take the lead to the introduction of an intelligent robot for production, ensuring production efficiency at the same time, to further protect the pass rate.
In the long-term production process, our technical department has accumulated a wealth of experience in product development and R & D team has its own mold, supporting a sound product testing equipment, can fully protect the hands of customers served and high precision products Pass rate.
Welcome to auto parts, washing machines and other industrial customers to visit our company and discuss related consulting precision plastic parts cooperation.
Our company's aim is to earth person, Ken-sincere work.
My company is now for the sake of customers, and ultimately achieve a successful win-win results.

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